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Photography is a form of visual communication, and in its way raises public awareness of wildlife and nature. This area of my site has been principally developed to promote the conservation of wildlife within the British Isles. Additionally, in each article, you will find hints and tips on wildlife photography for each species, including where to photograph and basic camera settings and equipment needs.

Whilst this section of the site is dedicated to wildlife in the British Isles, it should be useful for wildlife photographers everywhere. Certainly, the messages contained on conservation, apply to wildlife all over the planet, and will hopefully, be a useful reference guide to anyone with an interest in wildlife conservation.

European Badger

European Otter

Common Buzzard

Red Deer

Pine Marten

Atlantic Puffin

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A collection of how-to guides in various photographic genres, to help you get the most out of your camera. Each article includes tips on equipment needed, camera settings, and composition.

Bird Photography

Bokeh Photography

Home Photography

Hyperfocal Distance

Landscape Photography

Lightning Photography

Night Sky Photography

Portrait Photography


Water Splash Photography

Zoo Photography

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Here are some of my favorite photography travel locations. Each article provides details of the best places to go for great photo opportunities and suggested itineraries for the multi-day locations.

Photography Guide - Isle of Mull, Scotland

Photography Guide - Isle of Skye, Scotland

Photography Guide - The Highlands, Scotland

Photography Guide - Tower Bridge, London

Photography Guide - Top Locations in Iceland

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