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What Camera System Shall I Buy?

If I ever win the lottery I`m going to buy a camera store. Why? Because I have always loved trying out new equipment! My dilemma a couple of years ago was (now entering the winter of my life):

"How to keep the weight down and still have enough resolution and image quality to please me".

As far as digital cameras are concerned, I have like most people; used Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras most of my life. They are superb and the number of lenses on offer new and used leaves nothing that you can`t do. Be it from macro to extreme telephoto photography.

Of course, once you get into full-frame DSLR cameras, add a battery grip stick a 70-200 lens on; you will need trips to the gym to keep up. I tried a couple of compacts to walk around with but as good as they are nowadays you'll always find a far-off shot where you just haven't got enough reach so it's back to the good old DSLR. Or is it?.

We now have mirrorless cameras and after a visit to my local dealers one day with a friend who wanted my advice he purchased a Fuji XPRO-1, it wasn`t long before I also purchased one. It felt like going back to my Leica days. Along came a series of Fuji mirrorless cameras with the XH1 being my last Fuji mirrorless.

The lenses although expensive were in general superb, the weight and size of both body and lenses were much smaller and lighter than DSLR cameras. But the question was:

"Is the image quality from the AP-C sensor going to compete well enough with the full-frame DSLR cameras"?

Well, the answer is sort of, provided you don`t want to crop too heavily or create massive prints.

Of course sensor quality has come on in leaps and bounds over the years and with no mirror slapping around plus the lack of an AA filter (Anti-Alliancing) over the sensor, the image quality is at times well on par. OK, low light work, and other times the Full Frame still has the edge.

But wait! they are now producing Full Frame Mirrorless cameras that ain't half bad at all, but of course, at a premium price and back comes the heavyweight and quite large lenses along with the high cost of the better lenses.

So there I was, shooting away with my Fuji cameras and lenses for a couple of years and fate took me into my local dealers to buy a new sd card and I made the big mistake of picking up a new camera of a different make and fell hopelessly in love (I felt like a teenager again when the girl of your dreams comes along) Want to know what the new love in my life is?

Read my next post and you will learn all.

Hiya, I`ve been into photography for around 50 years. In the early days, I joined a photographic club and after some time became the chairman. I was an EAF photo judge for some time.

Dave  Chilvers

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