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Sony World Photography Awards 2021 - Open Competion

The World Photography Organisation has today announced the category winners in the 2021 Open Competition of the Sony World Photography Awards. The completion shortlist was made up of over 100 photographers which were selected from the best single images from 2020.

The overall winner will be announced on April 15th and will get the prestigious title of "Open Photographer of the Year", together with a prize of $5000 (USD). In the meantime, each category winner receives digital imaging equipment from Sony.

Here are the category winners:

Category Winners

  • The Blue Window

    The stairs at the Hyatt hotel in Düsseldorf,

  • African Victorian

    With this image, I wanted to portray a hybrid African-Victorian: my way of probing the stereotypical contextualisation of the black female body. I provide an alternative version of reality, where dualities fuse to create a new visual language. Taking a Victorian dress and merging it with traditional shona cooking utensils was my way of showing a multifaceted identity.

  • Días de Playa

    Summer, Mediterranean Sea, Spain, Alicante, beach and morning walk: a way of life.

  • Electric Storm on Lavender

    Electric storm above a solitary tree in the lavender fields of Brihuega, Guadalajara, Spain.

  • Girl Power

    A young girl shows off her skills, diving from a cliff on the island of Lokrum in Croatia.   

  • Little Kiss

    Little kiss?

  • Son

    Another side of childhood: contemplation and calm.

  • Memento

    Autumn of 2020… Pandemic, lockdown, solitude, memories…

  • Disinfection

    During the coronavirus pandemic, the Health Affairs unit of Ankara Municipality sprays all public transportation, day and night.

  • Drying Fish

    A woman dries trays of fish at Long Hai fish market in the Vung Tau province of Vietnam. Thousands of trays of scad are dried on rooftops and in yards by hundreds of workers. I came to Long Hai on a photo trip and was overwhelmed by the scale of the fishing village.

To find out more, visit the World Photography Organisation website

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