Luminar - How To Work With Templates

Templates in Luminar are essentially presets that you can use to quickly edit your photographs. The unique thing about Luminar, is that it uses content-aware technology to analyze your photo, and then suggest templates that may work for your image.

The suggestions which Luminar makes range from corrective edits, to creative edits. So they are often a great starting point to build from with your own editing. Alternatively, you can use the templates as a quick fix, without the need to do any complex editing yourself.  Templates are accessed in Luminar from the Edit Module, and then by selecting the Templates Panel.

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When you initiate Templates, it analyzes the photo you had selected and then populates the right-hand menu with a number of Template suggestions - For This Photo.

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Each Template suggestion is a container for a series of Looks that you can apply to your photo. Selecting a Look is then as simple as scrolling through and selecting a suggested Template by selecting to reveal a Looks panel. You can then choose from the Looks within the Collection.

Note everything you do in Luminar is non-destructive, so you can browse and try as many Templates & Looks as you want.

With a Look selected, you also get a degree of control as to the intensity of the applied effect. Right at the bottom of the Looks panel is an inconspicuous slider, which is set to 100 by default. Moving this slider to the left then reduces the intensity of the effect.

Top-Tip: If you really like one of the Looks, clicking the heart symbol will add it to your favorites, so that you can easily find it in the future.

Top-Tip: If you want to reset your image back to its original state, click the three dots “…” at the bottom of the Looks panel and select “Reset Adjustments”. Note, that, this only affects the adjustments made in the Templates panel. i.e. It will not affect other adjustments you have done in the Edit panel.

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