Luminar - How To Export Images

Any editing that you perform in Luminar is performed non-destructively. i.e. None of the adjustments change the appearance of the source image file. What you are seeing is a representation of what the image would look like after you export it from Luminar. This is where Luminar Export comes into play.

When you export an image from Luminar, it makes a copy with all of the adjustments applied as a new image. You can then share it with your clients and/or to social media, as well as for printing. To Export images from Luminar first, select the Export tab from the main Luminar Panel. This brings up the Export Menu.

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The Export Panel offers you five options.

Save To Disk

Clicking the Save to Disk button brings up a pop-up window with a number of options. The first is the filename your want to Save As, as well as whether you want to add any Tags into the metadata for the file.
You can also choose where you want to save the file on your hard drive.

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You then have a number of technical options in pull-down menus:

Sharpening – This option can be useful if you are saving compressed image formats such as JPEGs. Sharpening sometimes helps to overcome compression artifacts by increasing edge sharpness.

Resize – This, in conjunction with the Size selection boxes allow you to scale your image.

Color Space – Depending on your printing service, you can select the Color Space to use.

Quality – This option comes into play with compressed files such as JPEGs, whereby you can select a file size for export.

Clicking the Save button then exports your file to your chosen location.


This option creates an optimized JPEG version of your image and opens up your default mail application with a new mail message.


This option is only available to MAC users. It works in a similar way to Mail, but in this case, opens a new message with an optimized JPEG attached in a blank email.


If you have a SmugMug account, using this option will create an optimized version of your file, and then share that directly into the correct collection in your account; following the on-screen prompts.


Similarly, if you have a 500px account, this option creates an optimized version of your file and shares it to 500px. Again, following the on-screen prompts.

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