Luminar - How To Delete Images

The best way to do this is using Flags. Luminar gives you three Flags to use. Favorite, Rejected, or Unmarked. To delete images, the first thing you want to do is mark the ones for deletion with a Rejected flag.

With the Image or Images selected in your library you can do this either using the shortcode ‘X‘ or by clicking Image – Set Flag – Rejected from the main menu.

Next, from the catalog menu filter by “Deselect“

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Finally, right-click on all the images in this view, and select ‘Move To Trash‘. At this stage, they are not deleted from your hard drive, only your Catalog. So if you made a mistake, it is recoverable.

To completely move them from your hard drive, navigate to the Trash folder in the Catalog, and click ‘Empty Trash‘. This transfers them to your computer recycle bin.

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