Luminar - How To Add Texture To Architecture / Buildings

Adding Clarity to buildings/architecture is a great way to make textures stand out. You do this in Luminar using the Structure AI tool.

The Structure AI Filter is accessed in Luminar from the Edit Module, and then by selecting the Essentials Tools Panel.

The tool consists of just two sliders; Amount & Boost. The purpose of this tool is to enable you to target contrast, detail, and clarity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into play because the tool is content and human-aware. So, for example, the tool recognizes human features in an image so that they don’t get over-processed. This leaves humans looking natural, and the background elements in the image around them atmospheric and grainy.

Amount – The Amount slider is used to adjust the strength of the AI Structure effect. The slider datum is the center. Moving the slider to the left flattens the image results in a loss of detail. Conversely, moving the slider to the right increased the amount of detail and clarity.

Boost – This slider specifically targets the level of detail in the image. It is particularly useful for surfaces with texture as it emphasizes and hardens the image. It is extensively used in HDR imagery to give that classic grainy atmosphere that you often see in HDR.

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