Luminar - How To Create Your Own Luminar Looks

Creating your own Custom Templates If you have a sequence of processes that you always do to your images, you can save these as Templates. You can save multiple Templates in your library.

As an example, I used the Essentials Tools in the Edit Panel to

1) Create a Black & White Conversion

2) Add Contrast & Clarity using the Structure AI Tool

3) Increased Sharpness using the Details Tool

Next, we need to save all of these settings as a Template.

The command to do this is tucked discretely away at the very bottom of the Edit Panel. There is a global slider here that allows you to scale the intensity of the effects you apply in the Edit Tools.

Untitled photo

Right next to this slider are three dots “…”. Select these, and you are prompted to either Save or Reset Adjustments. Click Save and the settings you just did to your image are automatically saved as a Template.

Untitled photo

To access this Template, you navigate back to the Templates Panel. Then, under My Collection in the right-hand menu bar, you select My Templates. At this stage, your new Template will have a generic name. Clicking the three dots “…” next to the name brings up another pop-up menu allowing you to Rename your template to something more contextual.

In this case, I renamed the Template to “Black & White Contrast”. The Custom Template will now always be available to you to use a preset.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

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