Luminar AI - How To Smooth Skin

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Luminar Skin AI can automatically detect people in your digital images so that you can enhance the skin of a subject. The tool does this in a sympathetic way, so that the changes are realistic and aesthetically pleasing, whilst preserving details in eyelashes and hair. To access the Skin AI Tool, firstly select the Edit Module, then select the Portrait mode from the right-hand side menu. Finally, click Skin AI Tool from the menu options.

The Skin AI panel consists of two sliders and a radio button. These respectively are for:

Amount The Amount slider function enables you to smooth skin tones to remove variation. It does this in a way that preserves the original detail in your image. Moving the slider to the right; increases the intensity of the overall effect.

Shine Removal In portrait photography, a shine can occur on portions of the skin; particularly on the cheekbones and forehead. It is due to glare from natural or artificial lights. The Shine Removal tool removes these patches of glare by matching skin tones from elsewhere on the face. Moving the slider to the right increases the intensity of the overall effect.

Skin Defects Removal Selecting the Skin Defects Removal radio button will automatically remove skin blemishes such as spots and acne from a portrait.

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