Luminar AI - How To Simulate Face Lighting

Untitled photo

If you  forgot to take your off-camera flash with you to a shoot, and your portrait shots are too dark, then you can now automatically fix the issue using Luminars  Artifical Intelligence. 

Within the Portrait section of the Tools Panel sits a set of sliders dedicated to Face optimization. The Face Light slider adds the effect of lighting to the face. The great thing is, it doesn't matter how many subjects are in your image (with reason!). Luminar uses Artificial Intelligence to identify all faces in the image. and then applies the lighting effect to each.

Essientially what Luminar is doing is a Dodge effect to lighten the exposure. Moving the slider progressively to the right increases the intensity of the effect. So, you need to be careful how much to apply as you can make it look like your subjects are wearing a flowing mask. 

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