Luminar AI - How To Dodge & Burn

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Dodging & Burning is a technique used to respectively Lighten or Darken areas of an image. It is an effect that has been used all the way back to the days of conventional film processing. Typically, you just set the exposure up by a quarter of a stop to lighten, or down by a quarter of a stop to darken. Luminar contains a dedicated custom tool to set these effects for you.

Step 1 - Open the Dodge & Burn Tool and select Lighten for a Dodging effect and Darken for Burning effect.

Step 2 - Set a brush size suitable for the object you are dodging and burning, and paint on the areas of your image. Usually, I keep Strength at its average setting. Essentially, this changes the exposure level of the effect you are painting. 

TOP TIP - If you make a mistake, use the Erase brush. It works in the same way as the Lighten & Darken, it just removes the effect as opposed to adding it.

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