Luminar AI - How To Create An Iris Catchlight

Untitled photo

Catchlights are reflected light on either the surface of the eye and/or around the iris. They can make a huge impact to portrait photographs, as they add interest and depth to your portraits. Portrait photographers go to great lengths to create reflected light using studio lights to capitalize on this effect.

The great news is that if you didn't catch the effect you wanted in-camera, you can create a catchlight directly and simply from within Luminar AI.

Step 1 - With a portrait photograph loaded (the effect obviously won't work otherwise!), open up the Face AI panel

Step 2 - Use the Iris Flare slider to automatically add an iris catchlight. I adjusted the slider to 100 in this example to over-emphasize the effect. When you do your own images, try to keep the effect as subtle as possible.

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