Luminar AI - How To Add More Color To Images

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The Color Filter allows you to globally target the saturation and vibrance in your image. You can also choose to pinpoint specific color tones. Generally, you use Color Filter in conjunction with Light Tools and/or Enhance AI. For example, you could have an image where you need to desaturate or enhance a particular color, but leave the other colors untouched. The Color Filter is accessed in Luminar from the Edit Module, and then by selecting the Essentials Tools Panel.

You can use either the Saturation or Vibrance slider to add more color, though I generally recommend using Vibrance. The Vibrance slider in Luminar AI works globally on all tones within an image. But, the software algorithm ignores already saturated colors. If you have slightly under or oversaturated areas that need targeting in your image, the Vibrance slider is the place to start rather than the Saturation slider. This is because you have much finer control over global saturation levels.

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