Luminar AI - How To Remove Spots & Blemishes From Portraits

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Skin Defects Removal Selecting the Skin Defects Removal radio button will automatically remove skin blemishes such as spots and acne from a portrait.

The function sits in the Portrait section of the Tools panel under Skin AI. In the majority of cases, selecting Skin Defects Removal AI works really well. I have noticed though that Luminar sometimes struggles, particularly in cases where the blemishes are near transition lines. In which case you end up with artifacts and/or softening of edges. If this happens, you can use the mask function.

In these cases, you use the mask to paint problem areas, so that Skin AI only affects the areas where it has done a good job. The Paint Mask option is selectable by selecting the paintbrush symbol at the top of the Skin AI Tool tab. Selecting Brush in the Paint Mask drop-down menu, you can paint the areas of the image you don’t want to affect.

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