Lightroom - Dealing With High ISO Noise

Here I Come, Ready Or Not!

In modern digital photography, Luminance noise is predominantly caused when there is either a lack of available light when the image was captured, or that the image was under-exposed. It is often referred to by photographers as hot-pixels of light or graininess in an image.

In Lightroom, using the Luminance slider, you can smooth the pixels in your image to help eliminate the problem pixels. Be aware though, you need to avoid over-doing the effect to avoid too much loss of detail and sharpness, which can render your image almost plastic-looking in appearance!  The Noise Reduction panel is a section in the Details Tool.

The general principle of using this tool is to adjust the Luminance slider until the noise starts to disappear - The trick in Lightroom is not to try and remove all noise from your image. But more to determine an acceptable compromise between the amount of noise and the amount of sharpness and detail.

TOP-TIP Ensure that the view-mode is at 100%. This gives you the visually representative idea of the effect compared to how the eye would see a printed image.

TOP-TIP Click the Option key (on a MAC) or ALT (on Windows), as you move the slider. This brings up a temporary desaturated version of your image and is often easier to work with than the color version.

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