Lightroom - Creating Adjustment Brush Presets

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If you have settings that you use all the time with the Adjustment Brush, you can save them as a preset. That way, whenever you need them again, they are right there waiting for you, without the need to change a bunch of sliders.

Step 1 - Set up the effect that you want using the Adjustment Brush effects sliders.

Step 2 - Select the 'Custom' pull-down menu at the top of the panel; next to the text 'Effect'

Step 3 - Select 'Save Current Settings as New Preset' from the menu options. Then, pick a name for your preset.

Step 4 - Now, every time you go back into the Custom menu, your preset is right there in the list.

TOP TIPS: From this menu, you can also choose to over-right the existing settings in the menu, e.g. If you always burn using a -0.3 exposure rather than the default -0.25. Once you have created presets, you can also delete them from the Custom menu. If you mess up big time, you can also restore everything back to factory defaults.

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