Lightroom - How To Rename Your Files

There are two ways to rename your images in Lightroom, either during import or afterward.

During The Import Process

When you are Importing images from your Camera, Lightroom also gives you the option of changing the filename in your library to custom text. It can be a useful option if, for instance, you have done a shoot for a client, and want to give the images a contextual name. To start, select the radio button Rename Files Then, from the Template pull-down menu, choose one of the naming convention options.

Untitled photo

In this case, I selected Custom Name Sequence and then added the Custom Text “Loch-Etive”; which, by the way, is an area in Scotland that I do a lot of my nature photography. You can then set the numbering sequence to start at 1 or choose to start at another number of your choice. You can also change the extension naming if you wish. I generally leave mine to the original convention to avoid any future confusion. During the Import process, your files will be renamed as they are loaded onto your hard-drive.

From The Library

Select the Metadata Panel in the Library Module right-hand menu. From the File Name field near the top of the panel, you can input a custom name for your file.

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