Lightroom - How To Manage Metadata

Adding Metadata can seem tedious to some, but it's actually quite important if you are sharing your work online, as it helps with your search engine optimization, and help users understand what your image is about. Metadata also helps you find images in your library in years to come.

Metadata Panel

By default, the Title & Caption for your images will be blank. Filling these in is a great opportunity to describe to your users what the image is all about. The Caption space is particularly useful, as you can even add HTML links in your description if you wish.

Keywording Panel

By default, keywords metadata is blank. You can input these into the text box provided as comma-separated. After you have created several keywords for different images, Lightroom will start to suggest keywords for you. To use the, left-click the suggestions, and they will auto-populate into the keyword field.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

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