How To Import Images Into Lightroom

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By far the easiest way to import your images into Lightroom is to put your Finder window for MAC (Explorer for Windows) next to Lightroom, then drag and drop the Folders in. When you do this, Lightroom brings up an Import dialogue window, with a number of options.


There are principally two methods you can use to import images from your camera.

The first involves manually copying the images into your Folder structure yourself from the camera's memory card. Then, opening up Lightroom, and importing the Folders using the method for Importing From Your Hard Drive. The advantage of this method is that you know exactly where everything is stored on your drive. This option is great for newcomers to Lightroom, as the second option can appear daunting to some.

The second option involves plugging your camera into your computer (or connecting over wifi) and switching the camera on. From the Library module in Lightroom, you then select Import from the left-hand menu. By default, this brings up an import window and is the same process as importing from your hard drive. If the import window doesn't pop up, then just select 'Import' after you have connected your camera to your computer and switched it on. Then follow the on-screen prompts.

The thing to watch out for is to check where Lightroom is putting the images on your hard-drive, as by default it seems to gravitate towards your pictures folder; but of course, you may not want them there!

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