Lightroom - How To Whiten Teeth

Does your portrait subject have yellow teeth? You can whiten them in no time at all using Lightrooms Adjustment Brush. Ok, so this is not the sort of portrait you were expecting, but I figured that if I could whiten these gnashers in this example, then you can whiten anything!

Step 1 - Select the Adjustment Brush from the Develop Menu. It's the one that looks like a dotted circle on a horizontal line. 

Step 2 - Using the pull-down menu next to the word 'Effect' at the top of the panel, select the 'Teeth Whitening' option. What this does is increase exposure by 0.4 of a stop and reduce saturation by 60%.

Step 3 - Using a brush size smaller than the subject's teeth, and with a Flow of 60 and Feather 100, use the A or B Brush to paint over the subject's teeth.

Untitled photo
Closeup of a camel's lower teeth

TOP TIPS - It's usually easier to zoom right in to the subject's mouth so that you can be more accurate with your brush strokes. Avoid going over the gum line, but if you do, use the Erase Brush. If you need to see where you are painting, use the 'Show Selected Mask Overlay' option at the bottom of the Loupe View window.

Here we have the finished effect. I couldn't fix the bad breath or the plaque for this subject, but his teeth now have a dentist's sparkle about them.

Closeup of a camel's lower teeth

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