Lightroom - How To Straighten Crooked Buildings

Untitled photo

If the vertical lines in your images are not vertical, it is likely due to lens distortional effects. The phenomenon is particularly noticeable with wide-angle lenses towards the edges of the frame. You can correct this in Lightroom using the Transform Tool. 

Step 1 - Open the Transform Tool and selected Guided. This turns your cursor into a guide tool.

Step 2 - Using the cursor, draw lines on your image where there should be verticals like I have done in this image. After you have drawn two lines, Lightroom calculates the correction needed and displays your image. Once you are happy press 'Done'

Note - You may need to crop afterward if Lightroom has created white space. This is because Lightroom shifts the pixels in the image and bunches them together to create the straightening effect.

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