Lightroom - How To Create Export Presets

One of the real differentiators in Lightroom versus other software packages is the ability to save presets for future use. If you have a configuration of settings you use for different exports, you can save each as a preset, and call them up whenever you need them.

You can even run multiple presets at the same time. So, if for example, you are processing a full-size JPEG and a thumbnail for a client, you can handle this with minimal effort.

Step 1 - In the Export window, select all the export settings you want to save as a preset.

Step 2 - Down the left-hand side of the Export Panel, you may have already noticed a ‘Preset’ section. The next thing you want to do is select the ‘Add’ button.

Untitled photo

Step 3 - Having pressed Add, a new window pops up allowing you to select a name for your preset, and where you want to store that. The section ‘User Presets’ is the default, or you can create your own custom Folder. Clicking Selecting ‘Create’ then generates your new preset.

Step 4 - Your new preset now appears in the Preset panel on the left-hand side of the Export Panel. In the future, when you want to use it, you just select the little radio-button for your preset, and when you press the big blue Export button, whatever settings you set up for that preset will be automatically be applied.

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