Lightroom - How To Use Color Masks

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The principle of Color Masking is that you first apply a Gradient or Radial Filter to your image, then selectively apply the gradient effect based on a range of colors in your image. 

Step 1 - Apply a Gradient Filter to your image

Step 2 - Select Color from the Range Mask pull-down menu.

Step 3 - Grab the pipette from the top left of the range mask panel illustrated above.

Step 4 - Using the pipette, select areas of the image where you want the mask to be applied.

Note that after you have applied one point, you have to press the SHIFT key to allow you to add more. You can add up to 5 points, and it helps to have the masked layer displayed so that you can see exactly what you are doing. As you work, Lightroom adjusts the mask layer automatically, so you can see how the effect will be applied.

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