Lightroom - How To Enhance Eyes

If you want to enhance a subject's eyes to give the iris more punch, then Lightroom has a custom setting in the Adjustment Brush Menu. You can easily set up the effect yourself by increasing Exposure and Clarity, alternatively, the custom setting is a good normalized setting to use in most portrait photos.

STEP 1 - From the Adjustment Brush panel, select the Custom pull-down menu near the top of the panel, and then select 'Iris Enhance'.

STEP 2 - Select a suitable brush size and flow using the A or B brushes, and paint onto the subject's eyes that you want to enhance.

STEP 3 - Click 'Done' when you have finished.

TOP TIPS: It is useful to zoom right into the image so that you can paint only on the subject's iris. Also, if you want to see exactly where you have painted, then select the 'Show Selected Mask Overlay' option from the bottom-left of the Loupe view window.

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