Lightroom - Edit Multiple Images At Once 

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If you have a sequence of shots all taken at the same time, then it can save a lot of effort by editing them all at once, and then fine-tune individual shots afterward if needed. This is particularly the case for edits like setting contrast, white balance, etc.

Step 1 - Select all the images you want to edit from within either a Folder or Catalog and if you are not there already go into the Develop Module.

Step 2 - Make sure that the Film Strip is visible, and that your sequence of selected mages is visible.

Step 3 - At the bottom right corner is a button called 'Sync'. To the left of that button is a switch, select that switch on, and the button text will change to 'Auto Sync'. 

Step 4 - Select one of the images in your selection from the Film-Strip. You will see that all the other images stay selected, but this one becomes your main-selection. From this point forward, any changes you make to this one image will be synchronized across all of the images in your selection.

Step 5 - Edit your image, and when finished click the 'Auto Sync' button. This turns the multi-edit mode off.

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