Lightroom - How To Delete Rejected Images

If you want to remove all of the images you flagged as Rejected, there is a super quick way to achieve that.

First, from the main toolbar menu, select ‘Delete Rejected Photos…’. Alternatively, you can use the short-code ⌘ ⌫ on a MAC (ALT Delete on a PC). Lightroom then scans all the images in your library that you have rejected, regardless of what folder they are located in.

Then you are presented with the following window. From here, you can either choose to just ‘Remove from Lightroom’. This removes them from the Lightroom Catalog but leaves them on your computer hard drive. Alternatively, you can ‘Delete from Disk’. As its name suggests, this option both removes the images from Lightroom and deletes them from your disk.

Note - You can also manually delete the image by selecting one or more from your library and pressing Delete. This prompts you to either delete from the hard drive or just from Lightroom in the same way as above.

Untitled photo
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