Lightroom - How To Copy & Paste Effects

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If you have developed an image and want to use the same development settings on another image, or even multiple images, you can easily do this using the Lightroom Copy & Paste function.

Step 1 - From the Lightroom, Main Menu firstly you select 'Photo' then 'Develop Settings' then 'Copy Settings'. This brings up a pop-up window.

Step 2 - From the pop-up window check the development settings you want to copy to another image, and select the blue 'Copy' button.

Step 3 - Head to the Folder or Collection and select the image/images you want to paste to.

Step 4 - From the Lightroom Main Menu, select 'Photo' then 'Develop Settings' then 'Paste Settings'. Lightroom then synchronizes your development settings across any image/images you had selected.

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