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JOBY RangePod Smart Tripod

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JOBY is well known in the photography industry for its range of compact tripods (GorillaPods). However, they have recently launched a new full-size tripod named the JOBY RangePod Smart tripod. Here is a short introduction from JOBY covering some of the key features.

If you are in the market for a light-weight, durable tripod, then the JOBY RangePod might meet your requirements.


As a photographer, there are literally hundreds of options out there for tripods. Choosing the right one can actually be quite difficult. Even a single manufacturer often offers a multitude of different models within a range. Of course, picking the wrong tripod can lead to disaster, particularly if you are shooting out in the field and in the elements.

So it’s vital to know what to look for. The JOBY RangePod is manufactured from Aluminium and weighs in at just 1.6kg. This even includes a conventional-style ball head. As standard, it comes with a carry bag and strap and a detachable hook on the center column.

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The JOBY RangePod in more detail

Looking at the specs, the RangePod has a height range between 43cm & 160cm. It's sized to take loads up to 8kg.

Ok, so here's the thing. At first glance, you would put this in the travel tripod class. But wait, an 8kg load capacity is up there with the full-size tripods (e.g the Manfrotto OX55 Pro). So this tripod will easily take the weight of a full-frame Mirrorless DSLR and medium telephoto Lens. Plus it's not going to weigh your camera bag down.

There are negatives compared to a full-size tripod. The ball-head on the RangePod doesn't have the fine control that you get compared to its bigger (and heavier) brothers. But, the rotate and tilt function with lock is ok for most scenarios. Also, its lightweight frame is going to be more prone to getting blown or knocked over. This is especially the case if you have a large DSLR and lens and at full height extension. However, you can attach your camera bag to the hook on the central column. This will lower the tripod's center of gravity, and keep your tripod stable.

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What I like about anything in the JOBY range, is that you know exactly what you are getting. No confusing models, and an array of optional accessories that you suddenly find you need; for your set-up to work.

A Smartphone Tripod too!

The RangePod even comes with a separate phone clamp. So you can mount a smartphone (as long as it's between 60 to 140mm) onto it.

As a landscape photographer, I have used the Manfrotto Pro tripod and ball-head as my go-to tripod for a number of years now. However, the JOBY RangePod is fast becoming my optimum choice for many situations out in the field. Especially when it means the difference between maximizing the kit you can carry comfortably or not, on a shoot day.

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Another thing I love about the RangePod is the M-lock system on the legs. M-lock is a twist locking mechanism. M-lock is not only quick, which is great in the field if you need to set up your gear promptly. But, more importantly, is secure. So you are confident that when you put your expensive camera gear onto the RangePod, that you are not going to have any disasters.

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The RangePod is a great addition to any photographer's kit list if they are looking for a lightweight tripod, but that doesn't skimp on quality or most importantly safety.

Photography-Group is proud to be affiliated with JOBY. If you like the look of the JOBY RangePod then take a look at the JOBY website for some great deals on either the RangePod or other tripods in their range.

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