How & When To Use Auto Mask

If you are working near transition lines with the Adjustment Brush, and you don't want the effect to bleed past the transition, then Auto Mask is a great feature. For example in this image, I have applied an Adjustment Brush to this cow's horn using the Auto Mask. You can see that the effect has not bled into the background. 

To do this, you select the radio button for 'Auto Mask' in the 'Brush' panel. The way it works is that the effect paints where the central + symbol is on the brush, but outside of that, Lightroom looks for boundary lines and won't paint over them.

The Auto Mask setting is great for transitions between objects. For regular brush strokes though switch Auto Mask off, as you might lose feathering of the effect you are painting if Lightroom thinks it has found a transition line in your image.

Untitled photo

Untitled photo

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