Lightroom - Drawing Straight Lines With The Adjustment Brush

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How do you draw a straight line in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic, using the Adjustment Brush?

It's super simple! With the Adjustment Brush selected, you click once where you want the starting point to be, then hold the SHIFT key and click again where you want the finish point of the line to be.

Worked Example: Drawing Sun-Rays with the Adjustment Brush

Step 1 - Select the Adjustment Brush. 

Step 2 - Increase the Exposure Slider by 4, then increase Whites by 50, and finally increase Saturation by 40. 

Note: You may want to lessen the effect by lowering these settings in your own image. I set these deliberately high so that you could see the change more easily in this image.

Step 4 - Set the A Brush to Size 0.1, Feather 100, Flow 5, & Density 100.

Step 5 - Set the B Brush to Size 20, Feather 100, Flow 60, & Density 100.

Step 6 - Now select the A Brush. This is going to be our sun-spot. In this image we already have the sun peeking through the trees, so I clicked once with the Adjustment Brush right there.

Step 7 - Select the B Brush. This time hold SHIFT whilst clicking where you want the sunrays to extend to.

Step 8 - Keep repeating steps 6 & 7 to add progressively more sun rays to your image.

TOP TIP - You may find it easier to set "Show Edit Pins" to Never whilst you are applying this effect. 

Below is the finished effect using the example image. This method is great for adding this type of effect to your images and avoids having to jump in and out of Photoshop from Lightroom. To take the effect even further, try adding some warmth with the Temp slider. You can also adjust the size of Brush B to add a little more variation to the effect.

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Adding Sun Rays In Adobe Lightroom Using The Adjustment Brush

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