Lightroom - Dealing With Dust Spots

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There is nothing worse than get a print of your latest masterpiece back from the lab and finding that it is covered in dust spots. Dust spots are most noticeable in landscape shots due to the small apertures typically used. Lightroom makes it easy to get rid of them with minimal effort.

Step 1 - Open up the Spot Healing Brush, set the brush to Heal, and set a smallish size brush. I generally go with something in the range of 40, but it obviously depends on the size of your dust spots. Set the Feather and Opacity to 100.

One method to find dust spots is to zoom in to around 300% and gradually work your way around the image hunting them down. Here is what one looks like. The more efficient way to hunt these annoying spots down is to use the Visualize Spots tool. The tool is tucked away at the bottom of the image preview as a little radio button. Here is what our same dust spot looks like in this view.

Untitled photo

Ok, so it's basically just a luminance mask applied to your image, but it makes it much easier to hunt them down.

Step 2 - Scan around your image using this mode and eliminated any dust spots using the Spot Healing Brush.

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