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This website is a participant in a number of affiliate programs, such as Adobe, Skylum, and others. This means that we receive financial compensation for linking to affiliate sites.

We do not legally represent any of the companies whose products and/or services we promote. When we write about products and services with whom we are affiliated, it is because we genuinely love and enjoy using those products ourselves.

If you use an affiliate link and then purchase a product, the cost of that product is not increased. It is only that the affiliate apportions some of the profit from the purchase back to our website. This helps to keep the photography guides and resources on this site free to our customers.

The Photography Group are affiliated with some of the biggest names in the photographic industry, and with whom make this page possible:

Adobe - Adobe creative applications are the benchmark in the industry. Photography focussed plans start at £9.98/m inclusive of VAT for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop plus 200Gb of document storage.

DJI - Fly as you are! Discover DJI's range of drones and gimbals.

Joby - Joby has designed mounts, cases, lights, stands, and grips with a user-centric approach. The end result is a range of functional yet playful, innovative yet easy to use products.

Skylum  - Revolutionary tools and AI technologies give superpowers for creative photo editing.

Manfrotto - Discover Manfrotto's exciting world of accessories and solutions for photographers and videographers. Carefully designed for your unique photography or videography experience.

Vaonis - The company that brought us the STELLINA, and revolutionized astronomy, making it accessible to a broad audience from anywhere in the world, even in the heart of the city.

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