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Skylum Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a new industry benchmark for the next generation of photographic creative tools.


This section contains information on setting up and managing the Luminar ecosystem.

After reading this section, you will understand how to import images into the Luminar ecosystem from different sources, how to organize them in your image library, and how to export your processed images to your hard drive, as an email or message to clients, etc, and to social media.


Templates in Luminar are essentially presets that you can use to quickly edit your photographs. The unique thing about Luminar is that it uses content-aware technology to analyze your photo, and then suggest templates that may work for your image. The suggestions which Luminar makes range from corrective edits, to creative edits. So they are often a great starting point to build from with your own editing. Alternatively, you can use the templates as a quick fix, without the need to do any complex editing yourself.


The Edit Panel in Luminar contains all of the tools required to perform standard digital post-processing. This section is organized into some of the most common tasks performed during post-processing, such as 'How To Fix Contrast' and 'How To Add Color'.

Luminar AI Special Effects

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