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New Book Release

Fix It In Photoshop

(2022 version)

The concept of this book is a reference guide to help you when you get stuck remembering how to do something in Photoshop and to give inspiration on what method and/or settings to use for a particular task.

My assumption is that the reader is already up to speed with Photoshop's general layout, and the location of the various tools, effects, filters, etc; but might sometimes need a memory jog on how to achieve a specific task. If this is you, then my ‘Fix It In Photoshop’ will be an ideal companion to your workflow, as you can jump into the book up as a quick reference guide. 

Available in eBook, Paperback & Hardback

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Understanding Your Camera & Camera Gear

Digital photographers need to understand how their camera works. This includes for instance Aperture, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed & Light Sensitivity. Also, a photographer needs to grasp the principles of lighting, exposure, composition, and focus.

All of these things significantly impact the creativity and composition of a captured image.

Some photographers specialize in a specific genre of photography, whilst others move between different genres. Whatever you choose to specialize in, a photographer needs to understand the technical requirements & techniques for that genre. This includes things like purchasing the correct camera equipment to do the job. As well as using the correct composition techniques, to avoid some of the pitfalls like over-exposure, unwanted blur, and camera shake.

Check out our Learn Photography section for free articles on how to get the most out of your camera and gear across various genres of photography.

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